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Grounding system

Grounding system

    • CADWELD is recognized internationally as the premium name in exothermic welding.
    • The process was developed in 1938 for welding copper alloy signal bonds to rails.
    • Designed by Dr Charles Cadwell on behalf of ERICO, the process was named
      CADWELD in recognition of his achievement.
    • Exothermic is a chemical term describing a chemical reaction which gives off heat as the reaction takes place.
    • The burning of petrol in your car engine is an example of an exothermic reaction.
    • CADWELD Grounding Connections are used to weld conductors to conductors, conductors to ground rods, conductors to steel structures, all in various configurations and to splice ground rods in deep driven applications.
    • CADWELD connections have also been used extensively in the field of lightning protection with the same type of connections as used in grounding.
    • CADWELD welded connection produces a joint, or connection, superior in performance to mechanical, pressure type surface-to-surface contact connector or brazed connections. 
      By virtue of it's molecular bond, a CADWELD welded connection will not loosen or corrode, with the resultant increase in resistance, over the lifetime of the connection - even under the harshest conditions.
    • CADWELD connections replace several alternative, but lesser quality and usually higher priced, methods of joining conductors for electrical purposes.
      1. Brazing.
      2. Bolted type connectors.
      3. Shear type bolted connectors.
      4. Crimp type connectors
      5. Circumferential compression connectors.
    • There are several advantages to CADWELD exothermically welded connections.
      1. Current carrying (fusing) capacity of the connection is equal to that of the conductor.
      2. The connections will not deteriorate with age since they are welded and therefore permanent.
      3. The connection is a permanent molecular bond that cannot loosen.
      4. The connections are unaffected by corrosive products to the same degree as copper.
      5. The connections will withstand repeated high current surges (faults) without deterioration.
      6. Minimum training is required to make a connection.
      7. The material to make the connection is light and portable.
      8. No external power or heat is required to make a connection.
      9. The connections can be checked for quality by visual inspection.
      10. The connections can be used to weld copper, copper alloys, copper clad steel, steel of various alloys including stainless steel and high resistance 


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