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Metal Construction

Metal Construction

    Most construction projects require the use of hundreds of different materials. These range from concrete of all different specifications, structural steel of different specifications, clay, mortar, ceramics, wood, etc. In terms of a load bearing structural frame, they will generally consist of structural steel, concrete, masonry, and/or wood, using a suitable combination of each to produce an efficient structure. Most commercial and industrial structures are primarily constructed using either structural steel or reinforced concrete. When designing a structure, an engineer must decide which, if not both, material is most suitable for the design. There are many factors considered when choosing a construction material. Cost is commonly the controlling element; however, other considerations such as weight, strength, constructability, availability, sustainability, and fire resistance will be taken into account before a final decision is made.

    •Cost - The cost of these construction materials will depend entirely on the geographical location of the project and the availability of the materials. Just as the price of gasoline fluctuates, so do the prices of cement, aggregate, steel, etc. Reinforced concrete derives about half of its construction costs from the required form-work. This refers to the lumber necessary to build the "box" or container in which the concrete is poured and held until it cures. The expense of the forms makesprecast concrete a popular option for designers due to the reduced costs and time.[6] Due to the fact that steel is sold by the pound it is the responsibility of the structural designer to specify the lightest members possible while still maintaining a safe structural design. An additional method of reducing expenditures in design is to use many of the same size steel members as opposed to many unique members


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